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Reasons You Should Be Marketing to Probate Leads

 Less Competition

A lot of investors are intimidated by the idea of marketing to probate leads.  But done right, they can produce the most lucrative deals.  

 More Equity!!!!

You’re very often dealing with the property of a recently deceased older person who’s typically owned their home for quite some time.  Often times there is no debt at all.

 Unique Motivation

You’ve been taught since day 1 that seller motivation is everything.  Probates are often family members looking for a solution to their problem.  Done right, everyone wins!!

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Gee golly!! This KPI Tracker quadrupled my business overnight!!!

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I thought I knew my business. Then I started using The KPI Tracker and realized it was all a story I made up.  I’ve been doing more deals with less effort every since my team and I implemented this.

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It works.  Plain.And.Simple

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More Reasons to Market to Probate Leads!!

 Budget Friendly
Your probate campaign can be incredibly successful marketing to far fewer leads than other campaigns.

Big Profits
You have the potential for big profits with probate deals because of reduced competition and the often increased equity.

 Creative Investment Opportunity
You can win big with Probate deals and truly help someone at the same time.

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