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Why Most Investors Fail When Marketing to Probate Leads

They Get Confused and Give Up

Probate leads are a challenge to obtain.  That is exactly why most investors don’t market to them.

They Get Frustrated and Give Up

There is a unique strategy behind landing probate deals.  Most investors market to probate leads the wrong way and don’t see the rewards of their efforts.

They Tell Themselves a Story

It’s the leads.  It doesn’t work in my market.  They all want retail.  We’ve heard it all.  Probates can be one of the most lucrative deal sources for your business. But you have to approach it the right way.

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Reasons to Market to Probate Leads

 Budget Friendly
Your probate campaign can be incredibly successful marketing to far fewer leads than other campaigns.

 Big Profits
You have the potential for big profits with probate deals because of reduced competition and the often increased equity.

  Creative Investment Opportunity
You can win big with Probate deals and truly help someone at the same time.

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