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South Atlanta REIA

Key Takeaways:

Direct Mail

Best mail practices

  • Nationwide response rate – 0.48%-0.49%
  • Mail every 5-6 weeks vs every 4 weeks
  • Space your mailers out to create consistency in your schedule and fight burnout…time your mail to hit at the beginning of the week

                  *Go on appts within 48 hours of booking.  Try not to book over weekend.

Postcards and Letters


  • Simple works best
  • Pink and Google Streetview for low/moderate income homeowners
  • Seeing a resurgence of branding success


  • First-class stamp
  • Hand-written address – not too perfect
  • A2 and A7 envelopes
  • Euro-flap

Actual Envelopes used by Postal Impact:

Hottest Leads

Sometimes the question shouldn’t be, “what lead is working best” but “what lead is working best for me”

  • Probate
  • Divorce
  • Absentee
  • Financial Distress (HRL and HROO)

Importance of Data

  • Focus on the top 5 KPIs (Response, Opt-out, Net Lead, Appt to Net Lead, Contract to Appt)
  • What marketing method works best? (cost per lead/appt/contract)
  • What is the 20-30% of your list where 70-80% of your deals are coming from?
  • Start small – once you see the power, that will give you the momentum you need to do more

Maximize Conversion on Leads

  • 30-35% of calls are missed/abandoned
  • Organization – CRM
  • Good documentation of notes on leads
  • Follow up, follow up, follow up (60-70% of your deals should come in follow up)

Helpful Links: